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one month ago | dilia09

Should I notify the library if I change my address, phone number or email?

Yes, please! Having current residential and contact information in your library account is very important.

This information may affect access to online resources and ensures accurate library funding.

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one month ago | dilia09

Can I close my library account?

Yes, we will close your library account upon request, provided there are no outstanding fines or items currently checked out on the account. Please note: Only the person named on the account may.

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one month ago | dilia09

Can I use a family member or friend's library card?

Borrowing privileges are non-transferrable. You may not use another person’s card or allow your card to be used by anyone else, even if they are within the same household.

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one month ago | dilia09

How will I be notified if I have overdue items or items being held?

When you sign up for a library card, you have the option to receive library notifications via email, phone (voice or text) or regular mail.

Please note: Library notifications are sent as a courtesy. It is your responsibility to ensure your items are returned on time.

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one month ago | dilia09

When should I expect a response?

Simple reference questions received Tuesday through Thursday are answered within 2 business days with the exception of holidays. Questions received from Friday

through Saturday are answered on the following

Tuesday. All information is supplied by e-mail.

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one month ago | dilia09

What happens if I don’t return an item?

A “first notice” is sent when books are seven days overdue, or when interlibrary loans or DVDs are two days overdue.

A “final notice” is sent 14 days later.

The item is declared “lost” 35 days after the due date, and the borrower is billed for the actual cost of the lost item or a minimum charge of RM6. The library will not accept a replacement copy purchased by the borrower.

After 60 days, if this amount (in combination with any other fines) is more than RM75, the account will be reported for debt collection and assessed an additional RM10 collections fee.

Patron accounts are blocked under the following circumstances:

  • lost materials are not returned after a bill has been sent
  • the account carries RM5 or more in fines
  • the account shows 25 or more items overdue
  • the account has been referred to debt collection 

To restore your account to good standing after the loss or damage of an item, please contact us to discuss your options!

Library Dilia Library Dilia
one month ago | dilia09

What are the Dilia library hours?


Monday Closed

Tuesday 10 am–5 pm

Wednesday 10 am–5 pm

Thursday 10 am–5 pm

Friday 10 am–5 pm

Saturday 10 am–5 pm

Sunday 10 am–5 pm

Library Dilia Library Dilia
one month ago | dilia09

Can I get a library card for my child?

Yes! You can decide when your child is old enough to have their own card (even as a newborn baby), but please be aware:

  1. As parent/guardian, you are responsible for all items borrowed — including any fees for late, missing or damaged items.
  2. Your own account must be in good standing (less than RM5 in fines).
  3. Applications must be made in person — i.e. you and the child must be present.

Library Dilia Library Dilia
one month ago | dilia09

Can school or daycare groups check out materials when they visit?

If you are a teacher who wants your students to check out books during a group visit to the library:

  • Please ensure your students bring their own library cards to the library.

If students do not have library cards:

  • Pick up paper library card applications at least three weeks before the visit.
  • The students’ parents/guardians should complete and sign the applications.
  • Verify that the applications are complete.
  • Completed applications must be returned to the library at least two weeks before the visit.
  • Children who have applied for new cards may only check out two items (and no DVDs or video games).

Library Dilia Library Dilia
one month ago | dilia09

May I check out items or use a library computer without my library card?

Yes, but only if you are able to provide identification that proves the account is registered to you.

This may include a state-issued driver’s license or ID card.

(School and work IDs generally are not accepted.)

Library Dilia Library Dilia
one month ago | dilia09

What should I do if I lose my library card?

Please contact us immediately and report your card as lost!

You are responsible for anything checked out using your card, even if that person, isn’t you.

Telling us to set your card to “lost” will prevent any future abuse of your card and account.

You may purchase a new card for RM2, or you may be eligible to receive a free card if your account is up for renewal (which occurs every two years).

Alternatively, you may present your ID (driver’s license, state ID card, etc.) for staff-facilitated access to your account and library resources, but there will be limitations on what you are able to do in certain cases.

Please do not re-apply for a library card unless directed to do so by library staff.

Library Dilia Library Dilia
one month ago | dilia09

How can I pay my library fines?

Library fines are charged for items that became overdue, lost or damaged while checked out on your library account.

Options to pay these fines include:

  • Pay online using your credit card: 
  • Log in to the Library Catalog (OPAC).
  • Choose “Fines and Messages” from the account menu.
  • See below for online payment FAQs.
  • Pay in person by cash or check at Dilia Library
  • Pay by mail by sending a check or money order to our library address. Please include a note with your library card number.

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one month ago | asked by Amelia

Is the library open on the first day of aidil adha?

No, we open on the third day of Aidil Adha.

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