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Frequently Asked Questions
one year ago | amit1

I am unable to understand what MonkTraders provide?

Say goodbye to complex trading data analysis with MonkTraders - the ultimate tool for simplifying your trading decisions. With a range of commonly used indicators expertly simplified into one convenient package, you'll be making smarter trades in no time.

Take the MACD indicator, for example. Instead of monitoring two lines on your trading chart for crossovers, MonkTraders provides a simplified version that gives you the precise price point at which the next crossover will occur. This means you can place trades in advance, with confidence in your selected entry point.

But that's not all - the streamlined data also provides a solid foundation for further analysis, such as probability, neural networks, and machine learning.

Don't wait to upgrade your trading game - contact us at [email protected] with any questions or comments. Experience the power of MonkTraders today."

Frequently Asked Questions
one year ago | amit1

Data of which exchanges are the data available for?

We provide data for over 90k equity scripts from 30plus exchanges globally


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