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Ashok learnings
11 months ago | ashok

How do I become a seller on ONDC?

There are 2 ways to join as seller on ONDC network:

1. Get onboarded through one of the existing seller applications on the network (please go to the LINK to see list of Seller Applications).

2. Create your own Seller Application and join ONDC. Else, if seller does not wish to build an application from scratch, they can engage with a TSP who has an ONDC compliant App. Please refer to "ONDC Integration Guide" for more details.

Ashok learnings
11 months ago | ashok

Do I need to pay any commission as a seller?

Seller App, through which seller joins the network, may charge a certain commission to the seller. The commission is an arrangement between the seller and Seller App and ONDC has no say in it. The seller may choose the Seller App offering the most favorable commercial terms as per the seller’s assessment.

If a seller creates its own seller App through the services of a Technology service provider, the terms of the service will be as per agreement between the two parties.


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