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Buangkok CC Counter
5 months ago | raymondwong

Can I book table tennis?

Table Tennis booking is not yet ready. Maybe in Jan or Feb 2024. We have not finalised the charges.

Buangkok CC Counter
5 months ago | raymondwong

Can I book the Badminton Court?

You can advised that the badminton court is not yet ready for booking. Maybe ready in Jan 2024 or Feb 2024. Charges are not yet finalised.

Buangkok CC Counter
5 months ago | raymondwong

Do you have Singpass reset service?

Singpass reset service is currently not available here. You can ask customer to head to Sengkang CC (Tel 6312 5400) or Rivervale CC (Tel 6875 5376). CCs are opened Mon to Sun, excluding PH, 10am to 6pm.

Buangkok CC Counter
5 months ago | raymondwong

Why I received the PTV letter but my Spouse did not

The PTV is for 1 person per household. To be eligible for the PTVs, applicants must have a monthly household income per person of not more than $1,600. At least one member of the household must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident

Ref: https://www.mot.gov.sg/what-we-do/public-transport/public-transport-vouchers

Buangkok CC Counter
5 months ago | raymondwong

How do I sign up as a volunteer?

If resident is a Sengkang Central resident, you can ask resident to sign up at go.gov.sg/scvolunteer

Buangkok CC Counter
5 months ago | raymondwong

When will the lifestyle centre be opened?

There is no definite date yet as we are developing a system to operationalise it. Residents can keep a look out and check our fb page for updates.

Buangkok CC Counter
5 months ago | raymondwong

How would you introduce our GRA?

Can introduce him as Prof Elmie

Buangkok CC Counter
4 months ago | raymondwong

I need help to submit income tax

IRAS Helpline operating hours: 1800 356 8300 for local calls

  • Mondays to Fridays: 8 am to 5 pm (Avoid peak hours from 11.30am to 2pm)
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays: Closed
  • Eve of Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year: 8am to 1pm

Source: https://www.iras.gov.sg/contact-us/individual-income-tax

If customer insists that they need help but not willing to call IRAS, can ask customer to approach the nearest Service SG Centre at One Punggol CC (very near to Punggol Mrt Station), #01-01 1 Punggol Drive, S82862, Mon to Sun, 9am to 6pm, closed on PH.

Ref: https://www.psd.gov.sg/servicesg/

Buangkok CC Counter
4 months ago | raymondwong

When can parents collect the EMB Certs

Student who didn’t make it to EMB ceremony, they can collect their cert on the following Wed of their ceremony’s date. Last day of collection will be 28Feb.

Buangkok CC Counter
4 months ago | raymondwong

Can I book the facilities at Buangkok CC?

You can advise resident to email to [email protected]

1) Their name

2) contact number

3) Which room

4) Date and time (and duration)

5) Purpose

and our colleagues in charge will get in contact with them for the booking forms and charges.

Buangkok CC Counter
4 months ago | raymondwong

Is there SG Digital Office teaching Digital Smartphone Course?

You can share with residenrs that it is available every Friday and Saturday, 10am to 6pm at Buangkok CC Level 1. They can walk-in or preferably to call 84684197 to make an appointment so as to avoid long queue.

Reference Facebook Poster: 📱💡 Looking to enhance your digital... - Buangkok Community Club | Facebook

Buangkok CC Counter
4 months ago | raymondwong

Benefits of joining Grassroots and what do Grassroots leaders do

The People’s Association (PA) was set up to bring the Government closer to the people. Grassroots leaders (GRLs) are volunteers appointed by the PA to serve in various grassroots organisations (GROs). As of October 2022, there are about 38,000 GRLs.

GRLs help to bring the people and government closer, gather feedback from residents, implement the government’s social programmes and help to explain government policies to residents to the best of their ability.

Many people volunteer out of a desire to help others and contribute to the community. While they do not expect any returns, the Government offers GRLs some recognition to facilitate their community work and to better enable them to continue with their community service: 

Primary One Registration under Phase 2B 

Eligible GRLs with two years of continuous and active service in GROs can apply for Primary One registration for their children under Phase 2B in schools within 2km of their residence. The rationale for this scheme is to promote greater collaboration between the schools and the community. The experience and expertise of GRLs can be tapped by the schools to start community activities in their areas.

About 1% of GRLs apply per year and the majority of successful applicants continue serving in the GROs for many more years. 

MND Grassroots Organisation Scheme 

Eligible GRLs with three years of continuous and active service in GROs can apply for HDB BTO flats and Executive Condominiums under the scheme. The rationale for the scheme is to tap on experienced GRLs to start new GROs and activities in new estates. This is important as residents in new estates do not know each other. Hence, the experienced GRLs can act as catalysts for community bonding.

Less than 1% of GRLs apply per year, and the majority of successful applicants continue serving in the GROs for many more years.

Car Parking at HDB Estates 

This scheme facilitates GRLs in performing their community service, such as visiting residents and organising events. GRLs who drive and live in HDB estates must first buy a valid HDB monthly season parking label. They may then apply for a special parking label, which allows them to park at designated car parks within the constituency where they serve, up to 11pm. GRLs who are non-HDB residents may apply to buy this special parking label at a concessionary rate as they are not expected to park overnight or most times of the day. 

(This article is accurate as of October 2022.)

ref: https://www.gov.sg/article/what-do-peoples-association-grassroots-leaders-do

Buangkok CC Counter
4 months ago | raymondwong

Can EMB payment be paid to the parent instead?

Cannot. EMB payment is to be paid to the student only via paynow and the student's NRIC must be linked to paynow. Hence, the child needs to have a bank savings account.

For POSB Eligibility to open a bank account

Age: Parent - 18 years and above

Child - below 16 years

ref: https://www.posb.com.sg/personal/deposits/savings-accounts/my-account-kids

Buangkok CC Counter
4 months ago | raymondwong

I can't register the event in Onepa Website

Hi colleagues, for Gevme events when residents say they can't register online, excluding full capacity, system setting issue,

There are a few methods to advise the person

1) Ask the person to use another internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Samsung, Firefox)
2) Ask the person to use a computer / laptop
3) Ask the person to get another person to use his/her singpass login on a computer or laptop
4) use another computer or laptop

The issue of using handphone to register doesn't work is a common issue.

Buangkok CC Counter
4 months ago | raymondwong

Change of Residential Address on Identity Card

All Identity Card (IC) holders, including Singapore citizens and permanent residents who are residing overseas, are required to report a change of residential address within 28 days of moving into a new (local or overseas) residence. Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident children who have not been issued ICs do not need to update their address.

source: https://www.ica.gov.sg/documents/ic/update_residential_address

Buangkok CC Counter
3 months ago | raymondwong

how to setup wireless sgx on laptop

Depending on whether customer wants to use the free wifi on laptop or handphone, they have to go through the steps per the link provided by IMDA and still have to activate their mobile data and/or mobile data hotspot first.



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