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8 months ago | xanny

What are gos?

Gos are group orders. We all know overseas shipping can be very expensive so group orders exist to save up on the shipping and pay reasonable amount instead. Goms (group order managers) combine albums or merch from multiple stores and ship everything together, this way the shipping cost split between all joiners is reasonable

8 months ago | xanny

What do all the go payments actually mean?

Most of the gos will have 4 payments: initial, ems, domestic and customs.

initial - amount for what you are paying. if applicable it will include proxy fee, paysable fees or transaction fees

ems - shipping from korea to gom. depending on the proxy and gom this payment may include unboxing fee, proxy fee, photo fee and consolidation fee

domestic - shipping from gom to you, which includes packaging fees

customs - tax and customs duty. this payment is not always applicable

8 months ago | xanny

What is a pob?

pob is preorder benefit, which are photocards. These days you can get them not only during preorders as people call any non album or non lucky draw photo card a pob. Mostly the websites ship them out randomly and one per album bought, the sale for these is always limited

gom open gos for these because although the stores send them out randomly, if the purchase is a division of the number of members in th group then they all send out in sets so joiners will be able to get the member that they want

*keep in mind that stores rarely promise this because even though they usually do it they might make a mistake and without a promise there's no responsibility so the gloms won't be able to do anything about it

8 months ago | xanny

Can I ask to hold my go items until everything else arrives?

This always depends on the gom. I understand for people living abroad it would be cheaper to wait longer and combine everything and im mostly happy to do it but sometimes i may simple not have space for it


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