FAQ About Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on E-Bill -JJM,Assam

1. E-Bill Contractor Registration Approval is done by?

  1. Respective Zones for Class I Contractors.
  2. Respective Circles for Class II Contractors (For Zones where Circles are not there like BTAD and Karbi Anglong autonomous Council, concerned Zone will be the approving authority).
  3. Respective Divisions for Class III Contractors.

2. Contractor is registered in E-Bill or Not?

Division can check in their respective SMT Login under the tab "Contractors">> "Track Contractor Status" whether their E-Bill registration is pending or approved.

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3. How can a contractor update their details of already approved E-Bill registration?

The concerned E-Bill Registration Approving Authority (Zone/Circle/Division) can go to tab Contractors >> Approved Signup and Click on Re Signup Option for enabling contractor to resubmit their details.


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