FAQ About Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on SMT - JJM, Assam

1 ) Is there a provision for deleting schemes from DPR BILL DEMAND.

Ans:- Yes there is a provision,,To delete schemes from dpr bills ,we have to go to Draft DPR Demands and then pending demands and check for bills and then delete the required bill.

2 ) Can schemes be deallocated?

Ans:- Yes Schemes can be deallocated, To deallocate a scheme we have to first check a ,whether fund demand has been placed or nor ,,If fund demand has been placed, the scheme cannot be deleted,and if the fund demand has not been placed then the scheme can be deleted ,for this Go to fund demand and schemes and select abstract list ,,search for the particular scheme,and then go to settings and then allotment sceach and the click delete option.(Not---For such letter for deallocation has to be given by division to HQ).

4 )Why does a Scheme is showing for allotment ?

Ans:-: If new scheme 2022-23 then look in package allotment and if it is not FY 2022-23 SLSSC approved scheme then look in single scheme allotment.

5 ) Why a Scheme is not showing in single scheme allotment?

Ans:- Do the activity reporting and look again in the scheme allotment.

6 ) Why Package is not showing for allotment (package not created)?

Ans:-: Do activity reporting and generate and upload digital AA of the scheme then contact to the zonal nodal officer to create the package.

7 ) Why Package not showing for allotment (package created)?

Ans:- : it may be already allotted or there is some condition that division can see only those packages which package value is less than 1.5 Cr and circle can see up to 5 Cr and Zone can see up to 10 Cr.

7 ) . Contractor changed, need to deallocate the scheme.

Ans:- Write a formal letter to Chief Engineer requesting deallocation of the scheme with the reason of deallocation. Also send a copy of that letter to the SMT email id.

8) Contractor is not showing for allotment

Ans:-Contractor has not registered in E-Bill or its login may be pending for approval in registered Zone/Circle/Division as per their Class. If it is pending then contact concerned office to approve. (division office for class 3 contractor, circle office for class 2 contractor and zonal office for class 1 contractor) . Division can check details in “Track Contractor Status” under Contractors.

9) While trying to allot then contractor is with red background and cannot allot

Ans:- Eligiblilty issue of contractor-Contact HQ for update turn over or verify celling amount.

10) Contractor not receiving OTP for login or reset password?

Ans:-Contractor may be pending for signup approval in E-Bill.

11 ) SO not getting edit option for a bill?

Ans:-TPI report not uploaded or there is some technical error in pdf size or pdf corrupted submitted by TPI Agency.

12)E-Bill raised and assigned SO and SDO, but SDO got changed. What to do?

Ans:- Request to HQ to freeze previous SDO, Then create new SDO in division and reject the bill at SO level and ask the contactor to raise the bill again.

13) Need to update work value in SMT?

Ans:-Write a formal letter to Chief Engineer requesting update work value of the scheme, also send a copy of that letter to the SMT email id.

14)Need to update FHTC in SMT?

Ans:-Write a formal letter to Chief Engineer requesting update no of FHTC of the scheme, also send a copy of that letter to the SMT email id. It must be ensured by division that FHTC as per SLLSC Approved data is provided along with the letter.

15) How to update class of contractor if not showing in Portal?

Ans:-When a contractor class is not showing even if a contractor is registred then the problem is in circle/zone/ level ,,to make it visible the circle of the particular contractor has to change to the alloted division where the scheme is alotted from then the contractor class will be visible.

16)How to check whether a contractor has signed up ebill/why does a contarctor fials to upload ebills?

Ans:-If a contractor is not registered then the contractor cant raise ebill ,so for this forst the contractor has to be assigened from the zone/circle level according to eligiblity and then the contractor gets registred and is eligible for ebill.

18)How to update AA TS for creation of schemes?

Ans:-For updation of TS or AA we to go reporting and then select activity reporting and upload required TS & AA.

19) Why does a scheme doesnot show for allotment?

Ans:-If the scheme has not generated AA which then in turn avails for digital AA and then it is not available for package creation and hence can be obtained for creation.

20)Can a package be deleted if fund demand is placed?

Ans:-If any such demands are placed from divisions end ,,the first thing to do is to check whether fund is released or not ,and if released then package is not eligible for deletion cause the money has received.

22)What to do when a package is not visible at division end?

Ans:-2 scenerios ,the first is whether a package has higher package value of more than 1.50lakhs ,then it will not be visible at divisions end ,as it was allotted by ACE of the Particular division and the second is if it is a new scheme then if deallocated then it will not be shown in division end ,but will have to be resolved from backend of software and then it will be visible in division end.


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