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First time here?
one year ago | bedlaygardens

Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered to come to daycare/boarding/walks?

No, we do not require all dogs to be neutered before attending our services.

That being said - all male dogs must be able to behave appropriately in an environment with other intact (not neutered) males and unspayed females.

Similarly, we cannot, under any circumstances, take in females while they are in season. They must not attend any of our services for a minimum of 4 weeks from the start of their heat. If you are unsure of the signs or can’t tell when the season will end, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our staff.

First time here?
one year ago | bedlaygardens

What is the purpose of an evaluation?

Before any dog comes to attend our services, we need to set up an initial meet & greet and evaluation.

The evaluation gives us the means to introduce your dog to our own resident/staff dogs in a controlled environment, without the owner, to determine whether your dog is fit to join our pack. An evaluation is absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of not only our own dogs and clients, but your dog too.

Please enquire with a member of staff before booking an evaluation on your own.

First time here?
one year ago | bedlaygardens

Why is the Kennel Cough Vaccine so important?

Kennel Cough is a highly contagious respiratory disease, most quickly spread in kennel, boarding and daycare environments. While highly treatable in most dogs, it can be severe in immunocompromised dogs and in puppies under 6 months of age. 

All commercial daycare facilities, kennels and boarders housing multiple dogs at a time require evidence of an up to date kennel cough vaccine to comply with relevant dog care licensing. In the event of an outbreak, all dogs showing signs of infection and any dogs that have been in contact with them must isolate for 14 days after the last symptom. For this reason, a KC outbreak (while rare if vaccinations are properly managed) can put services such as ours out of business for weeks at a time. 

For this reason - it is absolutely vital that the yearly KC vaccine becomes a part of your dog’s vet care.

First time here?
one year ago | bedlaygardens

My dog doesn’t have the Kennel Cough vaccine - what should I do?

Kennel Cough is a live vaccine. This means that after receiving it, your dog has the potential to shed the kennel cough infection to the environment and other dogs. For this reason, dogs who have just received the KC vaccine must not interact with other dogs outwith the household for a minimum of 14 days.

If you are looking to book in an evaluation, the evidence of vaccination can be sent to our staff on the day your dog got it. Our staff will then advise on booking in for a day that suits you after the 14-day mark.


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