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KarlTech Mac & PCs Online Support
one year ago | plukkarljosol

Where is our location?

Hi, this is an online-based #remotesupport or virtual support so meet-up is optional. We offered this service thru our FB Ads as a way to augment the growing need of computer services due to the "new normal" attributed to the shift to online in almost every sector of our society nowadays and so the restrictions and difficulty in finding a techie guy and/or technicians. Thus our service/s are limited to the following:

-installation/upgrade/downgrade of MacOs/Windows OS

-reformat/upgrade/wipe-out of storage/HDDs/SSDs

-on-the-fly (remote) assistance on the replacement/upgrade of SSDs/HDDs, batteries, RAMs, trackpads, DVD-ROMS, networs cards*

-optimization for slow/old PC/Macs

-software/app Installation/upgrade/patching

-workaround on hardware/software glitches: no wifi card, malfunctioning keys, undetected flash drives, limited storage or no space, defective GPUs

-"paid advice" for hardware upgrades/mods

-recovery/restoration/compression of files


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