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Production FAQ
8 months ago | charu

What should be kept in mind during product addition?

Use original content from the client's end

Edge to Edge Photos

Clear background

Multiple photos

Production FAQ
8 months ago | charu

What are the guidelines for Product Description?

Use correct spelling, grammar, specifications & a unique description for each product.

Avoid company-related information in product description like email address, phone number, address, etc.

Do not include information about additional products in a product description.

Use bullet points for text in separate lines to describe product specifications.

Use numerals (5 instead of five; Pack of 5 instead of Pack of Five).

Do not use all capitals and all small letters and use abbreviations in the capital (wherever required).

Do not use copied product information from other sources.

Production FAQ
8 months ago | charu

Dont's for Product Title

Do not use price and quantity in a product title.

Do not repeat product names in a catalog.

Do not include any company-specific or seller-specific information.

Do not use all capital letters.

Do not include any promotional message such as ‘Discounted’/‘Sale’ etc, in the product title.

Do not include subjective/adjectives words in the product title, such as ‘Beautiful Dress’, ‘Best-Selling Suit’, ‘Wow’, etc.

Do not use words that are banned or are illegal.

Do not use conjunctions (and/for) and articles(a/an/the)in the product title.

Do not use any adult products/keywords.


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