FAQ About Blessed minds recruitment firm

Blessed minds recruitment firm
one month ago | nnekapraise1

What sectors or industries do you recruit for?

We serve a variety of sectors and industries in Lagos which includes warehousing and logistics,call center,finance and banking, insurance, administrative and accounting. We are here to provide your company with the most effective tools to hire candidates fit for your company.

Blessed minds recruitment firm
one month ago | nnekapraise1


It our role to support our clients by finding them suitable candidates to apply for positions they need filling. We provide Services which include; job advertising, interviewing, inducting, testing and completing ID verifications.

In turn, we support job seekers to secure temporary and permanent work with their clients.

Blessed minds recruitment firm
one month ago | nnekapraise1

How does your agent find talen?

Our agency use a wealth of resources to source local and international candidate fit for the position your company is seeking to fill up. Some of the channels used by our firm include, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

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