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The Wealth Map
2 years ago | rmjtwealthmapcom

What exactly is Private Equity?

Private equity is like what you see on the show “Shark Tank” or “Dragon’s Den.” An investor is willing to give $XX in exchange for XX% of the company. Business acquisition is also under the umbrella of private equity where an investor owns the business outright.

The Wealth Map
2 years ago | rmjtwealthmapcom

What’s included in the course and how does it work?

Everything you need to confidently create assets that grow themselves. And that means teaching you how to invest safely, with minimal risk and high returns.

We not only teach HOW to invest- like what stocks to pick, when to sell, how to analyze private equity deals, etc.- But we also save you from the costly mistake of trying to figure this out by yourself.

And by the time you’re finished with this course, you’re going to be an absolute MASTER. 

You’ll be able to go buy any business, any piece of real estate, or any type of investment and make it look easy.

Take a look at what’s covered in the course:

Module 1 - Quest to Invest: Intro to building wealth through investing

Module 2 - Tiptoe Into Crypto: Understanding how to earn passive income with Crypto

Module 3 - Scout it Out: Finding and Analyzing Businesses to Acquire

Module 4 - Keen on Green: Investing in Renewable Energy

Module 5 - The Key to PE: Unlocking high potential Private Equity deals

Module 6 - The Sea of PE: Navigating the steps to buying a business 

Module 7 - No Loan Zone: Getting creative to purchase Real Estate deals

Module 8 - Don’t Guess, Assess: Finding and Analyzing Real Estate deals to build wealth

But of course, there’s more…

To ensure your success, we’re throwing in these bonuses:

-Presentation Slides so you won’t forget all the insane knowledge you’ve learned that will help you build generational wealth

-Financial Tracking Board to effortlessly help you keep track of how much money you have in each asset

-Valuation Calculator so you can save valuable time when negotiating deals and know the numbers like a pro

-Return on Investment Calculator to help estimate the profit or loss on an investment- so you can make the best financial decision without playing the guessing game

-Revenue Growth Calculator to help you track how much your assets are growing and watch your wealth build

-Seller Conversion Script so you can ask the right questions to sellers without forgetting important details and appear like a seasoned investor

-Comparables Chart to help you confidently choose the right deal to give you high returns and put more money in your pockets

And the best part?

As you go through this course, you’ll be in a position to immediately start investing safely so you can build passive income and create generational wealth.

The Wealth Map
2 years ago | rmjtwealthmapcom

What happens after I enroll?

Once you join the program through our secure order form, you’ll receive an email to confirm your registration and provide you with login access so you can immediately get started.

And you’ll have instant access to all the modules and bonuses so you can get started right away.

You’ll be creating passive income in no time!

The Wealth Map
2 years ago | rmjtwealthmapcom
The Wealth Map
2 years ago | rmjtwealthmapcom

How is Investing 101 different from other courses?

Every other investing course teaches you ONE form of investing, like a real estate mastermind, a crypto course, etc.

But the problem with that is-

In order to be a SAFE and HIGH PRODUCING investor you need to diversify.

This means you should have assets in ALL vehicles including real estate, stocks, private equity, AND crypto.

And that’s what makes us different- because we do a deep dive into all 4 investing vehicles.

Investing 101 is an insane course that teaches people how to create assets that grow themselves.

We not only teach HOW to invest- like what stocks to pick, when to sell, how to analyze private equity deals, etc.

…But we also save you from the costly mistake of trying to figure this out by yourself.

This means all you have to do is sign up, access the course, and learn to invest alongside us (the pros) on some seriously profitable deals.

The Wealth Map
2 years ago | rmjtwealthmapcom

How much time do I need to commit to the course?

You can access the course online in your own time, at your own pace. We recommend going through one module a day, but you can get through it as fast (or as slow) as you want.

As you can re-watch each module as often as you’d like because you have lifetime access. 

The Wealth Map
2 years ago | rmjtwealthmapcom

Is there a refund policy?

Sorry, no. We have a product that we stand by and are confident that you’ll get results if you put in the work and apply what you learn.

You see, we don’t do anything half-assed and this is not some mediocre course. This stuff is better than GOLD. 

And once you’ve watched the videos, you can’t unwatch them.

But truthfully, after you’ve learned what you’ll learn and see how quickly you can create passive income-

We think and you’ll look back and say, “I would have paid 10x as much for that knowledge because it changed my life!”

The Wealth Map
2 years ago | rmjtwealthmapcom

Will Investing 101 help me land my first investing deal?

While we can’t guarantee anything, this course absolutely has everything you need to make your first deal. Even your second, third, and so on.

We know because we’ve seen it. We’ve seen our students take this knowledge, apply it, and close a deal that makes them $20,000 in just 2 weeks.

Will that happen for you? Maybe… But maybe your first deal will have a smaller return, or maybe it will have a bigger one. Either way, we’re excited to hear all about it.


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