FAQ About vitiligo FAQBOT

vitiligo FAQBOT
one year ago | rahamtullabaig

How do you pronounce the word “vitiligo”?

Many people pronounce this word incorrectly the first time they see it. But to hear it correctly, say the words “Little I Go.” Then replace the first “L” with a “V” – giving you “Vittle I Go.” Run the words together and you have the correct pronunciation.

vitiligo FAQBOT
one year ago | rahamtullabaig

Where does the word “vitiligo” come from?

It is believed that the word “vitiligo” comes from Latin. The first part of the word, “viti” is from the Latin word “vitium” meaning a mark or blemish. The suffix, “ligo” is a common Latin ending meaning to bind or cause.


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