FAQ About Web-based Academic Adivising System For Accra Technical University

What is a transfer Student ?

A transfer student is a college student who has completed 12 or more credit hours at one school, then later drops enrollment before finishing their degree or HND at another school.

How do I register ATU icampus ?

  1. Open any web browser of your choice
  2. Type in the search box icampus.com
  3. Select create student Account
  4. Fill in your details (Student Id, password, email,)
  5. Type a security question which will help you incase you forget your password.
  6. Select Create Account

How to access Virtual classroom in Accra Technical University ?

  1. Open any browser of your choice on your device
  2. Visit here http://myatu.net/
  3. At the right corner tap on login
  4. Enter Username and Password
  5. Navigate down the page to Course Categories
  6. Select School And Department
  7. Register or your semester courses
  8. Pick and Submit
  9. Print (Ctrl +P) or Save as pdf

Who is the Vice- Chancellor of Accra Technical University ?

Professor Samuel Nii Odai is the vice chancellor of Accra Technical University

What is late registration ?

The registration deadline or closing date is always a registration submission timeline that is set by the institution for registering courses and modules for the semester

How does Accra Technical University Grading system looks like ?

At the end of each semester, a student will be graded separately in each course on the basis of his/her performance in the three main components of assessment. Thus ATU Grading system Is a Structure Where students are been graded according to their score in Semester Examinations.

In the Semester Course Unit System, a student is expected to pass in every registered course and to obtain an acceptable achievement before progressing in the program In order to describe the achievement of the students, various indicators and indices are used. The most important indices are credit hours, the numerical equivalent grade, the grade point and the grade point average.

Grades Marks% Credit Value/GP Description

A 80-100 4.0 Excellent

B+ 75-79 3.5 Very Good

B 70-74 3.0 Good

C+ 65-69 2.5 Very Fair

C 60-64 2.0 Fair

D+ 55-59 1.5 Satisfactory

D 50-54 1.0 Barely Satisfactory

E 0-49 0 Unsatisfactory

What should degree and HND students do when they are ready to graduate ?

1. Get that resume ready. 2.Practice and prep for interviews. 3.Update your LinkedIn/Handshake/professional social media accounts. 4.Connect with professors, instructors, and staff. 5.Update contact information. 6.Review with financial aid. 7.Look into the university support8.Commit to staying in touch with the university. 9.Connect with university social media. 



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