FAQ About Website subscription details for priya rao

What is the website about?

Website has extended art shoot content of priya. These content are not allowed to be posted on Facebook since nude art photos are involved

What is the one time cost.?

It is 1999/- year. There is a cashback of 1000/- .

How do i pay?

Kindly use the upi id, bookingsfph@okhdfcbank. Payment details of admin is mentioned. Once paid share the screen shot with email id to Facebook priya rao messenger

What is sunday live?

Priya goes online every Sunday 7 pm on website. You will get invites on Saturdays

Can i get a trial?

There is no trial of the photos or content

What are the privileges?

You will be added to Facebook private list. Priya replies to only website subsribers on Facebook.

There will be meet ups in bangalore and invites will be sent over email regularly.

What is the validity.?

Content is updated weekly and valid for 1 year from the date of subscription.

What is the video and photo quality.

All content are in 1080 p high definition. All making videos are shot on iphone.


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