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Top 10 Café Srinagar Kashmir


“Kulad Chai, located in the heart of Srinagar, called Munawarabad few meters away from Lal Chowk. It is a must-visit café for all tea lovers. Known for their traditional Kashmiri tea, also known as “kahwa,” this café offers a warm and cozy atmosphere, perfect for a chat with friends or a relaxing break from sightseeing. The tea is brewed with saffron and cardamom, and served in the traditional Kulhad clay cups which adds to the authenticity of experience. Enjoy the beautiful side-view of city hustle and bustle whilst savoring the hot tea.” Apart from sips they also serve “Mast Banarasi Paan” and “Turkish Grills” for eateries.

Cost for 2 : INR 200-400


Chaai – Jaai means the place for Tea in Kashmiri. It is another must-visit café in Srinagar, known for its unique blend of local and global flavors. With a relaxed and casual atmosphere, this café offers a wide range of teas, coffees and snacks, as well as some delicious main dishes like Harrisa (in Winters) , Pattis. The specialty of the café is the fusion of traditional Kashmiri teas with some global flavors of English cafe’s. The café has onlyl balcony sitting area, which provides a scenic view of the flowing Jehum river. Whether you’re looking for a quick brew or a leisurely meal with group of friends, Chaai-Jaai is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the local flavors of Srinagar.


Cost for 2 : INR 400-600

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