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one year ago | claricearobles

About 20 Minute Leaders

Michael started the show shortly after arriving at Stanford for his computer science degree. Previously, he spent 5 years as an officer in the IDF’s 8200 cybersecurity unit and was becoming passionate about machine learning and, in general, how emerging technologies can be used to create a massive impact. At Stanford, Michael was floored by the incredible people he was meeting, and he wasn’t satisfied with the fact that he had to choose only 4-5 professors to learn from at any given moment. It started by having casual Zoom interviews with interesting folks he would meet, and he would then share those Zoom recordings with friends and family. Pretty soon, Michael began structuring this in a 20-minute format, listening to awesome people share with him what they’re working on and why they choose to do what they do. The theme became “Why is your job the coolest in the world?“ Michael is inspired by the stories he hears and the passion that people bring to their jobs.