FAQ About Algoritmik

Who is Algoritmik?

Algoritmik is a software development company and has offices in Bristol and Istanbul. It delivers design and development services around the world. The team is fully remote and located in different cities around the UK and Turkey. Founded in 2018.

What services does Algoritmik offer?

Algoritmik's main focus is web-based development. They provides web design and development, e-commerce and custom software development, graphic design, wordpress theme and plugin development, mobile app development, SEO ve SEM services and industrial software development.

How does Algoritmik work?

We believe transparency is the key to client-agency relationships. We maintain all our relations with our customers and also within the team with maximum transparency.

We love optimizations and clean coding. We not only focus to deliver what the clients ask for, but also clean, maintainable, extendible software products.

Is Algoritmik recruiting now?

We're always open to a new friend that shares our passions and fits our principles. If you think you're a good fit, just drop us an email at [email protected]


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