FAQ About Astrology

one year ago | gizem

How does astrology relate to mythology?

Astrology has strong connections to mythology, as it draws upon and incorporates many mythological symbols, stories, and archetypes. Here are some ways in which astrology relates to mythology:

  • Planetary and Zodiac Symbols: The symbols associated with the planets and zodiac signs in astrology often have roots in mythology. For example, the symbol for Venus, representing love and beauty, is derived from the goddess Venus (or Aphrodite) in Roman and Greek mythology. Similarly, the symbol for Mars, representing energy and assertiveness, is associated with the god Mars (or Ares) in mythology. These connections help to deepen the understanding of the qualities and energies represented by the planets and signs.
  • Mythological Archetypes: Astrology utilizes archetypal symbolism, and many of these archetypes have their origins in mythology. The planets and signs are associated with specific mythological figures and stories that represent certain qualities, characteristics, and themes. For instance, the sign of Leo is connected to the mythological figure of the lion, representing courage, leadership, and creativity. By drawing on these archetypes, astrology provides a rich symbolic language for understanding human experiences.
  • Planetary Names: The names of the planets in astrology are derived from ancient mythologies. For example, Mercury is named after the Roman god Mercury (or Hermes in Greek mythology), who was known as the messenger of the gods and associated with communication and intellect. Jupiter is named after the Roman god Jupiter (or Zeus in Greek mythology), associated with expansion, abundance, and wisdom. These mythological connections contribute to the meanings and interpretations associated with each planet.
  • Astrological Ages: Astrology incorporates the concept of astrological ages, which refer to long periods of time associated with specific zodiac signs. These ages are often linked to mythological stories and cosmic cycles. For example, the Age of Pisces, which is believed to have occurred over the past two millennia, is associated with themes of spirituality, compassion, and sacrifice, drawing on the symbolism of the fish in various mythological traditions.
  • Mythological Narratives: Astrology sometimes incorporates mythological narratives to provide a deeper understanding of the planetary energies and their interactions. These narratives can help to illustrate the dynamics and relationships between different planetary archetypes. For example, the story of the love affair between Venus and Mars in mythology can be used to explain the interplay between love, passion, and conflict as represented by these planets in astrology.