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How to book?

Booking an appointment is simple. If you have a clear vision of the tattoo you want, you can directly book through the link provided on my Instagram bio.
However, if you're unsure about your tattoo design or have any questions, I recommend reaching out to me first on Instagram DM. We can discuss your ideas and preferences to ensure that your tattoo design aligns with your vision before scheduling an appointment.
Let's turn your tattoo concept into reality!

Bloom tattu Bloom tattu
3 months ago | bloomtattu

About Bloom tattu

My name is Laura, and I was born in Barcelona, Spain.
Art and travel have always been passions of mine. I pursued my love for art through formal education and worked as a graphic designer, creating logos and designs for t-shirts. However, my journey into the world of tattooing began when people started asking me to design tattoos for them. Intrigued by the idea, I decided to enroll in a tattoo course certified by the European School of Tattoo and Piercing in Barcelona. Following that, l embarked on an apprenticeship in a tattoo studio, where I honed my skills and eventually started tattooing professionally in 2019. It's been an incredible journey, and I'm grateful to be able to combine my love for art with my passion for tattooing.


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