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Brush Cleaner
one year ago | gizem

Can I use soap and water to clean my makeup brushes?

Yes, you can use soap and water to clean your makeup brushes. In fact, this is one of the most commonly used methods for cleaning brushes. To clean your brushes with soap and water, you can follow these steps:

  • Wet the bristles of the brush under warm running water.
  • Place a small amount of gentle soap or shampoo in your palm and swirl the brush around in it until it lathers.
  • Rinse the brush under running water, being careful not to get water on the handle or ferrule of the brush.
  • Gently squeeze out any excess water from the brush.
  • Reshape the brush to its original shape.
  • Lay the brush flat on a clean towel to dry.

Note: It's important to use a gentle soap or shampoo to clean your brushes, as harsh detergents or soaps can damage the bristles. Additionally, it's important to avoid getting water on the handle or ferrule of the brush, as this can cause damage or loosening of the bristles over time.