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2 years ago | gizem

How can I choose a new career if I am not sure about my current career?

First of all, you can do some research on why you are not satisfied with your current career. You can make a list of what makes you unhappy.

Then, on the contrary, you should look at what makes you happy. When you discover the areas in which you are happy, you can search for career opportunities in these areas.

After all, although it may not seem easy to change careers at first, it is not impossible. 

Career Building Career Building
2 years ago | gizem

I haven't decided what job I want to do yet, what can I do?

Volunteering in different fields can be very helpful in career pursuits.

Exploring what you are prone to by working in different fields and seeing the activities you enjoy doing can help you finalize your career goals over time. 

Career Building Career Building
2 years ago | gizem

I want a career in a different field, but is it okay if I don't have a degree?

If it is not a very critical profession, it does not pose a problem. For example, professions such as doctor or lawyer require a degree, while professions such as software developer and designer do not need a diploma.

Although a diploma and coming from a certain discipline are important, at the end of the day, the skills and the happiness of the individuals are much more important. 

Career Building Career Building
2 years ago | gizem

How can I build a career from scratch?

It may be important to set an example first and choose an idol for yourself. It may be helpful to follow and copy your idol's steps when you have no idea at first.

For this, you can get help from very useful platforms such as YouTube.

Afterwards, it can be important and useful to evaluate career opportunities with trial methods.

It is also very important to do a lot of reading and research. 


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