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What are your Class Rules? Bible Study Class 2024 - Discipleship School
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What are your Class Rules?

  1. Punctuality - Students should arrive 15 minutes earlier than the call time. 
  2. Dress Code - The student is expected to maintain good grooming and wear clothes that are free of rips, tears, and other wear indicators. It is not permitted to wear clothing with offensive or unsuitable designs or stamps. Too-revealing attire is forbidden. Also, during class hours no slippers or sandals are allowed.
  3. Attendance - Avoid absences as much as possible. Attendance takes 80% of the grading system in both 1st and 2nd semesters.
  4. Have respect for everyone, especially to the Maturity team.
  5. Must comply with all the requirements given by the maturity team and/or teacher.
  6. Students are not allowed to go out during class hours.
  7. Listen attentively to the teacher/speaker while classes are still on.
  8. Students must participate in all activities during class, ministry hours, and mission.
  9. Bible and Pen - All students must bring their own Bible and a pen to class every day.
  10. Online Games - Students are not allowed to play any online games during class time.
  11. Limited Smartphones use during class - Students are encouraged to minimize the use of smartphones or any other electronic devices for personal reasons during class time, except for important matters.