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Are Colleen Hoover's books part of a series? Colleen Hoover
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Are Colleen Hoover's books part of a series?

Yes, Colleen Hoover has written several book series throughout her career. Some of her most popular book series include:

Slammed series: The Slammed series includes three books - "Slammed," "Point of Retreat," and "This Girl" - that follow the love story of Layken and Will.

Hopeless series: The Hopeless series includes two books - "Hopeless" and "Losing Hope" - that explore the story of Sky and Dean Holder.

Maybe series: The Maybe series includes two books - "Maybe Someday" and "Maybe Now" - that follow the story of Sydney and Ridge.

It Ends With Us series: The It Ends With Us series includes only one book with the same title, but it has been widely regarded as a standalone novel that explores themes of domestic abuse and self-discovery.