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FAQ About Commentary Channels on YouTube

What is a Commentary Channel?

Commentary channel is the name given to channels that produce commentary videos on YouTube. They are channels that make comments on dramas that are mostly on social media channels such as YouTube, TikTok, FaceBook, Instagram. There are also channels that comment on separate topics such as influencers, MLM companies etc. 

Are there commentary channels on every topic?

Yes, there are. It is an area where commentaries are made in a wide range from politics to history, from influencers to movies and everything that comes to mind. 

Is it difficult to start a commentary channel?

By opening a YouTube account, you can easily produce the content you want. The important thing is to choose a certain title and proceed from there at the beginning. Afterwards, as you gain viewers, you can create the video content you want in the title you want.

Also, not everything is views or viewers. If you are doing this as a hobby, you can upload as many videos as you want, whenever you want. 

What are the best channels for commentary on internet celebrities?

There are many channels that commentary about internet celebrities and influencers. Among these, the first ones that come to mind are;

  • Cruel World Happy Mind
  • Angelika Oles
  • Casey Aonso
  • Tiffanyferg
  • Danny Gonzalez
  • Kurtis Conner
  • Chad Chad

Apart from these, there are many commentary channels that do their job very well. 

Are there any channels that commentary on True Crime and Politics?

Yes, there are. Foremost among these are;

  • Haley Elizabeth
  • Cydnee Black
  • Kendall Rae
  • Eleanor Neale
  • Anna Solves 

However, apart from these channels, there are also channels that are very good at this job. 

There are people who are already doing the commentary job very well right now, how can I start now?

There will always be people who do their job well in any subject. That's why it's important to start.

The things that seem normal to you about commentary may be things that no one has thought of before. That's why you may not see what will innovate for whom. Once you start, I'm sure you will have a lot to add to this field. 

Why are profile photos of Commentary channels often animated characters?

They mostly create a virtual character because they can make comments more easily by keeping their identities secret. On the other hand, sending hate messages directly to people can be uncomfortable for most people. For this reason, they may prefer animated characters. 

How to start a commentary channel on YouTube?

First of all, in order to be a commentary channel, you need to determine a topic to comment on. Identifying the topic you want to talk about and doing research on the topic will help you be more comfortable while shooting the video. Also, you don't have to choose a single topic. For example, you can comment on different topics such as YouTuber Chad Chad.

One of the issues you should pay attention to is not to give false information and not to make false accusations. Putting people under suspicion can constitute an element of crime.

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