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How do I wash my Converse without damaging them? Converse®
one year ago | anasofiamoriel

How do I wash my Converse without damaging them?

First of and as said before, there are many types of Converse and since some of them have different materials, they also have different cleaning processes. Here are some of them:

CANVAS, LEATHER/SYNTHETIC SNEAKERS: First, remove any excess dirt before cleaning the outsole. Once removed, use a damp cloth and a mix of lukewarm water with a bar of mild soap to gently rub the sneaker in the affected areas. Air dry your shoes at room temperature.

SUEDE SNEAKERS: Due to this specific type of material, it is not recommended to use water in the cleaning process. Instead, remove the excess dirt with a suede brush.

To dry SNEAKERS: Regardless of the material, it is suggested to air dry the sneakers at room temperature. Stuff cleaned shoes with paper to maintain the shape, occasionally changing it throughout the drying process. To prolong the life of your sneakers, do not apply direct heat.

*do not use either the washing or the drying machine to clean Converse*