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When can I wear my Alegria costume?

The established distinctive costume of The Krewe of Alegria is required dress at all sanctioned events and parade functions unless otherwise advised.

  • No member may participate in any function as a representative of The Krewe of Alegria in full costume without prior approval of the Costume Chairs.
  • No member may participate in a Krewe-sanctioned event/parade in a costume that has not been approved via Walk the Plank.
  • A list of members who haven’t attended a “Walk the Plank” event will be kept at the parade check-in table next to the Alegria float.
  • Costumes purchased from other members, borrowed, previously worn but heavily repurposed, or previously purchased but never worn are considered new to you and must be approved via Walk the Plank.
  • Please do not show up and expect to walk in the parade if you haven’t attended a Walk the Plank event and received prior approval from the costume chairs for a new, or new-to-you costume.
  • No member shall permit any person not a member of The Krewe of Alegria to wear the official costume or Alegria t-shirt. The official costume is not to be used as a “dress costume” for events such as Halloween, Mardi Gras, etc. 



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