FAQ About CxK Collab

CxK Collab CxK Collab
2 months ago | cxkcollab

What can we expect from CxKCollab?

We decided it was time to start creating together. Cultivating a new experience for high school dance teams, college dance teams and studios across Texas. We believe with our combined knowledge your dancers will learn and grow in a safe, stimulating environment. We recognize the dance team industry is ever-changing and leveling up and we are dedicated to bringing your kids an experience to help them prepare for college and professional work post high school.

CxK Collab CxK Collab
2 months ago | cxkcollab

What are your choreography rates?

Rates are specific to each routine requested. Team size, team level, competitive, non-competitive, scheduling, etc. We will be offering packages which include director's choice of pre-scheduling cleaning sessions, additional work hours for routine, and setting/auditioning the routine.

CxK Collab CxK Collab
2 months ago | cxkcollab

Do you all provide anything besides choreography?


  • Routine Consulting
  • Master Combo Classes- movement quality, musicality workshops, improv, etc.
  • Technique Workshops
  • Adjudication

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