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What is the line followed during data analysis? Data Analysis
2 years ago | gizem

What is the line followed during data analysis?

First, data is collected. At this stage, data is collected from sources and transferred to the system where it will be stored.

The next stage is the preparatory stage. At this stage, the data is ready for use and stored in a system accessible to users and applications. In order for the data quality to be at the highest level, it is necessary to clean the data and turn it into information that can be easily accessed and queried.

The next stage is the analysis stage, that is, the modeling. Data; It can be analyzed with end-to-end analytics platforms such as SAP, Oracle, or SAS, or processed at scale with tools such as Apache Spark.

The final step is decision making. The knowledge gained is ready for action. Data visualization and reporting helps to understand analysis results.