Discord Account Support Corporation©️| FAQ Page

FAQ About Discord Account Support Corporation©️| FAQ Page

Can I get a job Here?

Answer: Yes! You can get a job here! By applying when there’s an available application with the link provided

Can I Impersonate “Discord Account Support Corporation©️” Staff Members?

Absolutely NOT! Impersonating Employees at: “Discord Account Support Corporation©️” is a Violation on the Community Guidelines this is not Acceptable & is Considered A Wiki Block On Our Wiki Page at https://discord-account-support-corporation.fandom.com

Wiki Blocks are Not Given Out Just Yet until a User has violated a Guideline Wiki Blocks are Only given When all Guidelines are Broken Comments that impersonate The Community / Business Can Possibly be Deleted by an Admin Or by an Content Moderator

Whatsoever Appropriate Comments that are related to the Business / Community Wiki Are Completely acceptable & Appreciated by the employees at the wiki

Where Can I find the Wiki Community / Business Wiki?

Find it Here at this link just simply Copy & Paste it & Open the Link in your browser: https://discord-account-support-corporation.fandom.com

What Comments Are Allowed on the Community / Business Wiki?

Consider That this is just a Block-Able Reason That Inappropriate Comments Will NOT Be tolerated on any of our Posts at: https://discord-account-support-corporation.fandom.com

Don't Worry!… you Won’t be blocked for absolute no Reason but here’s why you might be blocked

  • Rude Comments
  • Spam
  • User Harassment

Applies to Comment Deletion

What is “Discord Account Support Corporation©️”

”Discord Account Support Corporation©️” Known As: “ ( DASC ) “ is an Online Company related to: “Discord” we help: “Discord Communication” & “Discord Users” to stay Safe on the Discord platform

Does The Google Group Support Email Support?

Yes! It does Have Email Support You Can Email Our Support Team here: [email protected]

Where Can I Create a Support Post at Your Google Group

You Can Create a Support Post Here In case you require Support On this Tag: https://groups.google.com/g/discord-account-support-corporation?label=%F0%9F%93%9DCreate-a-Support-Post then click: “➕New Conversation” enter the Subject Of Your Web Post then enter the Description for Contacting Support & Then Click post Message you can either choose to format your Message as well


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