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What dishes are eaten during the Diwali festival? Diwali
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What dishes are eaten during the Diwali festival?

  • Laddu: Laddu is referred to as laddoo or avinsh. Its basic ingredients are flour, oil and sugar. There are also recipes made with semolina. Ingredients such as hazelnuts and raisins are added from time to time to diversify it. It is a food that can be seen in all celebrations and festivals of India.
  • Kheel Batashas: It is the most exclusive dessert at Diwali festivities. It is made from puffed rice and sugar. The difference from other desserts is that this festival takes place in a certain ritual.
  • Budha Chakuli: It is a food mostly made in the east side of Orrisa. It is a type of pancake or pancake-like food made from cottage cheese, coconut, jaggery, and cardamom.
  • Besan Papdi: This snack, which is a must for any festival, is made by frying a dough mixture prepared with spices and then cut into rounds.
  • Sata Bhajyun: It is a special dish made in Sindhis to celebrate Diwali, using seven vegetables and curry. Vegetables such as peas, cauliflower, carrots, French beans, potatoes, spinach, onions, and cilantro are used.