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Why is Harry Styles in Don't Worry Darling
one year ago | gizem

Why is Harry Styles in "Don't Worry Darling"?

Harry Styles was cast in "Don't Worry Darling" because he impressed the filmmakers with his acting ability and fit the role of Jack, the male lead, perfectly.

Olivia Wilde, the director of the movie, has spoken about how impressed she was with Styles' acting during the audition process. She has also praised his commitment to the role and his ability to bring depth and nuance to the character of Jack. Styles is known for his work as a musician, but "Don't Worry Darling" marks one of his first major roles in a feature film.

Additionally, having a high-profile actor like Styles in the movie helps to generate buzz and interest from audiences, which can be beneficial for the success of the movie.