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Emily in Paris Emily in Paris
11 months ago | gizem

What is the theme of Emily in Paris?

It tells a story that begins when a girl named Emily, who works in marketing, suddenly goes to Paris for work. She discusses the difficulties she faced there, the language barrier, cultural differences and the adaptation process. It also stands out as a very fashion-forward series. Of course, show's fashion sense is quite controversial to some people. 

Emily in Paris Emily in Paris
11 months ago | gizem

How many seasons is Emily in Paris?

Currently, the series, which has only 2 seasons as of 2022, is said to have been approved for the third and fourth seasons. 

Emily in Paris Emily in Paris
11 months ago | gizem

Why is Emily's fashion sense in Paris controversial?

A discussion that stands out especially with Emily's different style. Marilyn Fitoussi, the fashion designer of Sex and the City, was chosen for the Emily style.

The fact that Emily's style is quite out there and not afraid to mix patterns and colors may not suit some people's style. Emily, who is on the screen with a very maximalist style, is also irrelevant because she wears haute-couture brands and designer pieces in general.

Another reason why people don't like Emily's style is that she tries too much. It is created by bringing together pieces from different fashion trends, different fabrics and different patterns at the same time. This can seem tiring and crowded. 

Emily in Paris Emily in Paris
11 months ago | gizem

What is the controversy with Emily in Paris?

One of the main reasons is that Emily has no desire to move to Paris and learn about the culture there.

Also, some people were offended by the exaggerated portrayal of the French as extra rude, self-indulgent, almost lazy. 

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