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What do I eat? Katrina Aspera
one year ago | katrinaaspera

What do I eat?

I'm fed by my caretaker mainly cat food, because it's nutritive and has variety of proteins and supplements for my metabolism. But it might be boring for me to eat always the same so I'm also fed with other things like:

  • Meat: raw meat, any kind of meat. Also I sometimes eat some dead birds that land dead on the garden when I found them but this might be risky as we don't know what they died from.
  • Green food: Mostly any kind of fruit or vegetables that are fresh, or not fresh but not rotten. Rotten vegetables and fruits may develop some fungus that might be toxic for me. NEVER!!! get fed with AVOCADOS which are toxic to birds, and avoid almonds as we've seen that I've ended up throwing up the almonds as they are also a little bit toxic.
  • DONT'S: Salt, Sugar, chocolat, tea, coffee, caffeine, lactose (cheese, milk, yogurt ravens do love it but as we are not mammals we can not digest it well so better avoid it) and we try to avoid fried stuff tho sometimes I've ended up picking up some nuggets or french fries from the street. Also we try to avoid any processed food but from time to time I eat sausages and stuff sometimes and I like them but shouldn't eat them often.