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What are the kinds of Feed available in the market used by Farmers?

There are majorly 3 kind of feed available in the market;

  1. Customised Feed(Local): Usually these are feed customised basis the recommendation of a doctor to mid herd sized farms and doctors don't consider for overall annual profitability of the farm but immediate increase in milk production with moderate increase in costs.
  2. Local Indian Feed: These are brands like Tara Feed, Muskaan, Doctor Feed company which are cheap in price as it uses low quality ingredients while formulation. The major drawback with such usage of feed is low immunity for animal leading to diseases and in lond run heat problems.
  3. High Quality Feed: Companies like Mooofeed, Cargill, Asees etc are companies which work on creating feed which is premium price as they use high quality ingredients like DORB, Bypass fats etc which considers the overall health of the animal. Which helps in reaching the most optimum output for the animal with overall increase in profitability during the lifetime of the livestock.

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