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FAQ - OGMDomains FAQ - OGMDomains
21 days ago | nosbig

Is it safe to purchase domain names here?

If the website you're on has no SSL certificate, it is unsecure. However, most websites owned by OGM Domains are protected by SSL encryption and those sites that do not use an SSL certificate uses third party shopping carts and product pages and all transactions are secured by SSL encryption.

FAQ - OGMDomains FAQ - OGMDomains
21 days ago | nosbig

What if I want to make an offer on a domain name?

If you want to put in an offer on a domain or domains, you can use the contact info below and submit your offer.

Contact Form

[email protected] / 513-855-6647 (text only)

FAQ - OGMDomains FAQ - OGMDomains
21 days ago | nosbig

What happens after I checkout?

If you're checking out on Brandpa, Nameramp or Namesilo you'll receive detailed instructions on what to do throughout their checkout process.

After you check out on any site, you'll receive an email confirmation of your order showing payment was made. You will then receive a followup email from myself soon after checkout or within the next 24 hours. We'll then discuss how you'll receive your new domain.

FAQ - OGMDomains FAQ - OGMDomains
21 days ago | nosbig

How long before I receive my new domain name?

It depends on how you receive your new domain. If you accept a free domain push, the domain will remain at its present registrar. If you don't have an account there, you can create one for free and send me your info (username or email). The domain will then be moved from my account to your account. This process only takes a few minutes and can happen immediately after checkout.

If you choose to transfer the domain to the registrar of your choice, I'll unlock the domain and supply you with the domain's EPP code. You will then initiate a transfer from your chosen registrar (at their cost). An outbound transfer can take up to 7 days before the owner exchange is complete.


Reminder: Some domains are locked. A domain is locked the first 60 days after purchase. Within that time period, it can not be transferred to another registrar and must be pushed within its present registrar.


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