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What are UI principles? Fundamentals of Design
2 years ago | zelifergin

What are UI principles?

1- The user is in control!

The users should have a sense of control over the screen. In that way, users can interact in a more comfortable way and learn quickly how things work.

To accomplish this, make the navigation easy. Provide visual clues so that users will know where they are and how they should continue to navigate. To have an enjoyable experience, the users should know that they can do mistakes and reverse their actions. So, the actions should be reversible by using the undo/redo options.

2- Less is more!

Get rid of things that are not necessary. Irrelevant elements or information are only there to confuse users. Also, the content can also be confusing. Do not use unfamiliar terminology and hard-to-understand buttons etc. Make your buttons big enough to interact easily and guide your users with constructive messages. Create an interface with a clean look.

3- Make things consistent!

Don't assign a different visual style to elements such as buttons, it is not the job of any user to wonder whether those elements have the same meaning or not. The same colors, fonts, and icons would create visual consistency. Don't reinvent the wheel, go with what users expect.

4- Don't make it too hard!

To make things clearer, add visual aids, tooltips, and details about the icons. Users will recognize the elements and have an easier experience. Use grouping in paragraphs rather than using an immense block of writing. Users process chunks of information easily and more quickly.