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What is color theory? Harmony of Colors
2 years ago | zelifergin

What is color theory?

In short, color theory refers to the collection of color-related rules and guidelines, and it is both the science and art of selecting a color. Since color is one of the most powerful tools for visual design, designers should select colors carefully to communicate with users through appealing color combinations.

Most people decide whether they like a product or not based on its color. Fortunately, the color theory discipline helps us to create a balanced color combination. Let's review some of the principles of color theory:

*Balance is key! Do not use so many colors. It gets difficult to create a visual balance when you overwhelm your users with so many colors. Use different shades and tints instead. Ideally, use 2 or 3 colors and limit yourself while deciding upon your color scheme.

*Understand psychology! Color is perception. They even behave differently in relation to other colors. Each color represents a different emotion and can represent different meanings in a different context, such as gender, nationality, and age. It is important to know what are some of the general feeling that colors evoke. Like how red can evoke danger while green is more calming and it evokes a positive feeling where something is succeeded.

*Not everything is about aesthetics! Don't forget about functionality. As a designer, your main concern is usability and accessibility. Users must achieve to find information and read it easily. Use high contrast text to make it readable on a color. Use visual cues to communicate the message. That way, you would justify your decision on why you are using such color. It is also because not everyone can see colors. People with disabilities need those clues to understanding what you are referring to.