FAQ About Hilton Head Island Wedding Ceremony

When is the ceremony?

The ceremony will be at 6 PM, October 14th 2023.

Where is the ceremony?

Folly Field Beach on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

When should we arrive to Hilton head?

We suggest arriving on Friday the 13th, or the morning of the 14th.

How should we get there?

You can either fly and land in the Savannah airport (25ish minute drive to the island) or Hilton head airport. Driving is also an option. It will take about 18 hours if you drive (which is what we are doing)

Something to keep in mind: if you are flying to the Savannah airport, transportation from the airport to Hilton head might be difficult unless you rent a car. Also, arriving the morning of the 14th means you would have to deal with a good amount of traffic on the way to the island.

Where should we stay?

There are plenty of hotels and AirBNBs on the island itself, but can be a bit more expensive. There is also the option of staying in Bluffton, which is the town you go through to get to Hilton Head. Bluffton is at most, a 20 minute drive to the island.

What should we wear to the ceremony?

Guys: Kahki or Chino shorts/pants. On top, you can wear a button-down shirt (short sleeves are preferred) or a solid-color polo. We are looking for light colors, so please, no hot pink tops unless you can really rock the look.

Gals: sundress, flowy maxi dress, romper, or you can also wear kahki shorts/pants with a short sleeve button down shirt. Sandals/flip flops would be best, you don’t want to sink into the sand while wearing high heels!

Reference photo

keep in mind, these are suggestions, NOT requirements!

What are we doing after the ceremony?

We are going to a restaurant called Fish Camp! We will be on the open patio next to broad creek with live music.

Hilton Head Island Wedding Ceremony Hilton Head Island Wedding Ceremony
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Who’s getting married

You’ll find out when you get there.


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