For hosts: Getting paid and account balance

FAQ About For hosts: Getting paid and account balance

How can I get paid? What is an unvested fund? What is a vested fund?

When your guest pays for your event, a portion of that payment (after payment gateway fees and service fees are deducted) is added to your account balance as an unvested fund, which is deposited on the platform. Generally, an unvested fund becomes a vested one in 5 days (120 hours) after your event/session/occurrence ends. However, a guest can decide to make it available to you sooner or to dispute it and make that fund hold on the platform.

How can I transfer my vested funds to my bank account?

Currently, we only support as our payment service provider. You need to claim your vested funds and the platform will transfer your requested vested funds to your account on Then you can request to pay your funds out to your bank account on Please note that you need to link your bank account with

Do I need to apply for an account on is our sole payment service provider at this moment. If you don’t have an account on, you need to apply for one as we can only send your vested funds to your account on it.

How much is the payment gateway fee for each transaction?

Actually, we don’t charge an additional payment gateway fee. We use as our payment service provider, and you need to pay’s transaction fee for each transaction. Currently,’s transaction fee is 2.9%+30c in the US.

How much is the platform service fee for each transaction?

We charge an additional 5% as our platform service fee.

What is the estimated total of my account balance?

It’s the accumulated forecasted amount of your funds on the platform, including all vested funds as well as unvested funds. It also represents the accumulated estimated revenue in your account.

What is the total vested funds in my account balance?

It’s the accumulated amount of your vested funds on the platform, including those that have been claimed. It represents the accumulated solid revenue in your account.

What is the total amount already claimed in my account balance?

It’s the accumulated amount of your funds that has been transferred to your account.

What are the funds available for claim now?

It’s the total vested funds that haven’t been claimed. Actually, it’s calculated by the total vested amount minus the total claimed amount.

Do I need to claim my total available funds all at once?

No, you can decide the amount you want to claim. We also recommend you reserve a little bit of funds in your account if you have an ongoing event running on the platform, and then collect them all when all the events are finished.

Is there a limit for claiming my funds?

No, there isn’t a limit for claiming your funds. However, for suspended accounts, the function of claiming funds may also be suspended. Please note that we don’t charge an additional fee for transferring your funds to your account on, but we can’t control the service fees on or the bank at the end.

What is your payout transaction history?

When you claim funds, the amount you requested is transferred to your connected account on, and you can request a payout to your bank account there. All your claimed fund records are listed there.

What is your fund balance by event?

Your funds for all events, including vested and unvested, are listed in the hierarchy there. For a multiple-session event, you can see detailed funds for each session. For a recurring event, detailed funds for each occurrence are also listed. On the last fund balance page of each event, it is listed by order. In the order details of every order, the total amount, the transaction and service fees, and the funds to the host are listed there.

Can I claim my funds by event?

No. Although the total amounts of vested and unvested funds are listed by event, you can’t claim your funds by each event. However, you can do as follows if you desire: First, when an event is completed, check if all unvested funds have become vested, and then claim the amount exactly the same as the total vested funds for that event.


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