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Has Jeffrey Dahmer been in prison? Jeffrey Dahmer
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Has Jeffrey Dahmer been in prison?

Jeffrey Dahmer caught the attention of the police many times during his murders, but somehow managed to escape.

He was caught masturbating in the middle of the street in 1986 and was punished for this incident.

Dahmer, who was convicted of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy in 1988, was released on good behavior two years later. After his release, Dahmer goes to the house of the child he abused, finds the victim's brother at home and kidnaps the child. He brings the child to his home, where he first kills and then tortures the child.

Jeffrey Dahmer's trial began in June 1992. Since it was informed that the majority of the victims were people of African-American origin, high security measures such as high barriers and bulletproof windows were taken, considering that there would be tensions against racism.

Although Dahmer confessed to the murders during police questioning, he initially pleaded not guilty to all charges. He later pleaded guilty, claiming that he was insane. He then used the frightening details he made as evidence to show that he was insane.

On February 15, 1992, after nearly 10 hours of deliberation, the jury found Dahmer sane and guilty. Dahmer was sentenced to life in prison and was jailed on May 16.