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What are the types of Lorem Ipsum? Lorem Ipsum
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What are the types of Lorem Ipsum?

While Lorem Ipsum texts keep their original form, they also have many fun variants in the digital world. Here are a few of them:

  • Fillerama; The texts of Fillerama Ipsum consist of many movie lines. It allows you to fill your designs with movie lines instead of the classic Lorem Ipsum texts.
  • Nietzsche Ipsum; In this version, Nietzsche's words welcome you. You will find plenty of Nietzsche quotes in the text of your design.
  • Cupcake Ipsum; This Ipsum variety consists of terms related to the confectionery industry. Although it looks very tasty, it may not always fit your work.
  • Zombie Ipsum; In this one, there are texts that wink at zombie enthusiasts. You can choose between regular, lite and 50% more brains options.