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one year ago | gizem

What's the best way to highlight and brighten the under-eye area?

Highlighting and brightening the under-eye area can help you look more awake and refreshed. Here's the best way to achieve this:

Step 1: Choose the Right Product:

  • Select a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Look for a concealer with a lightweight, creamy texture that offers good coverage.

Step 2: Prep Your Skin:

  • Start with a well-moisturized under-eye area. Apply an eye cream or a hydrating primer to ensure the concealer goes on smoothly and doesn't settle into fine lines.

Step 3: Apply Concealer:

  • Dot the concealer: Use the applicator or your ring finger to dot the concealer in a triangular shape under your eyes. The base of the triangle should be along your lower lash line, and the tip should point towards your cheek.
  • Blend gently: Using a makeup sponge or a soft, fluffy concealer brush, gently blend the concealer into your skin. Pat and press the product in rather than dragging or rubbing, as the skin around the eyes is delicate.
  • Extend the coverage: If you have dark circles that extend beyond the under-eye area, you can apply a thin layer of concealer on the sides of your nose or in the inner corners of your eyes to further brighten and balance the skin tone.

Step 4: Set with Powder (Optional):

  • If you want extra longevity and to prevent creasing, lightly set the under-eye area with a translucent or brightening setting powder using a small, fluffy brush. Be gentle and avoid applying too much powder.

Step 5: Avoid Overloading:

  • It's essential not to use too much product, as it can settle into fine lines and look cakey. Start with a small amount of concealer and build up the coverage if needed.

Step 6: Other Brightening Techniques (Optional):

  • You can use a highlighter or a light, shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes to add extra brightness.

Step 7: Skincare Matters:

  • A well-maintained skincare routine can also contribute to a brighter under-eye area. Get enough rest, stay hydrated, and use products that target specific concerns like puffiness or dark circles.