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Who is Ishmael in Moby Dick
one year ago | gizem

Who is Ishmael in "Moby-Dick"?

Ishmael is the narrator and protagonist of "Moby-Dick." He is a sailor who signs on to the whaling ship Pequod on a whim, seeking adventure and escape from the monotony of his everyday life. Throughout the novel, Ishmael serves as the eyes and ears of the reader, providing a window into the often bizarre and otherworldly events that occur on board the ship.

Ishmael is an introspective and philosophical character, often reflecting on the nature of existence, the mysteries of the universe, and his place in the world. He is also a keen observer of human behavior, providing insightful commentary on the motivations and personalities of the other characters on the ship.

While Ahab is the captain and driving force behind the hunt for Moby Dick, it is Ishmael who emerges as the moral center of the novel, ultimately surviving the disastrous voyage and serving as the sole witness to the tragedy that befalls the crew of the Pequod.