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Why are old money polite? Old Money
one year ago | gizem

Why are old money polite?

Old Money individuals are often known for their polite and courteous behavior. This is because they are raised with a strong emphasis on traditional values and manners, and are expected to conduct themselves with a high level of decorum and respect for others.

Old Money families often have a long-standing legacy and reputation to uphold, and they recognize that their behavior and interactions with others can reflect on their family's reputation. Therefore, they prioritize good manners and polite behavior in all social situations.

In addition, many Old Money families place a strong emphasis on education, including etiquette and social graces, which helps to reinforce the importance of polite behavior. Children in these families are often taught from a young age to use proper titles, show respect for their elders, and behave in a courteous and dignified manner.