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Online bazar Online bazar
one year ago | abdul

what is a e-commerce ?

E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce, refers to the buying and selling of products or services online. You can complete an E-commerce transaction using any device that connects to the internet (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.), and you can buy almost anything: clothing, music, stocks, plane tickets, medicine, and more.

E-commerce has helped online businesses reach a bigger market by providing affordable and efficient sales channels for their products and services. Corporations, independent freelancers, small businesses have all benefited from E-commerce, as have the customers worldwide who are now able to purchase from them.

Online bazar Online bazar
one year ago | abdul

What is Online Bazar ?

Online bazar is "B2B" e-commerce platform

Online bazar Online bazar
one year ago | abdul

What provide online bazar ?

Online bazar is providing to you'r "categories"








Computer Accessories

& choice your Favirots


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