Opening a Seller Shop on Etsy

FAQ About Opening a Seller Shop on Etsy

Is it necessary to establish a company to sell on Etsy?

You do not need to open a company to sell e-commerce on Etsy. On Etsy, you have the opportunity to sell individually without opening a company. 

What is tax liability on Etsy?

Etsy does not offer a company ownership requirement when registering a store, but you must issue an invoice for the sales you make here. You should definitely pay income tax on your income. 

Can copy works be sold on Etsy?

The products you sell must be entirely your own. At the same time, if the product in question is a product that you have designed together with a partner, you must clearly indicate this detail. Etsy does not accept images purchased as stock photos. For this reason, be careful to use the photos you have taken while adding products. 

Are there any products that are prohibited on Etsy?

It is forbidden to sell a product that does not belong to you, that you did not produce or that you purchased, in the form of "reselling" trading. As a sanction of this situation, Etsy reserves the right to sell products that it suspects are not original or original. 

Is it difficult to open a store on Etsy?

To open a store on Etsy, you can follow the steps of Sell on Etsy>Open Your Etsy Shop on the home page. You can choose country delivery options for your store opened on Etsy. 

What are commission rates on Etsy?

Etsy shop owners charge a monthly commission of 0.20% for listing their products. It deducts a 3.5% commission rate from each sale. 

Is there a commission for the store on Etsy?

In Etsy no commission is charged for the store. 

What payment methods are available on Etsy?

Etsy has 3 different payment methods:

  • Etsy Payments
  • Paypal
  • Other

How is the price determined for the product we will sell on Etsy?

In order to calculate the costs for selling on Etsy, the right price can be determined by making a calculation together with the profit you want to earn, your spendings on the product and the commission rates that Etsy cuts.

In addition, you can have information about the market by looking at the prices determined by other sellers. 

Why is the About Shop section important on Etsy?

Etsy has announced that its About Shop page is throwing unfilled shops back in searches.

Apart from this critical situation, the About Shop section is important in terms of being a place where you can talk about your production process and yourself to your customers. Thus, you can establish a healthier and more sincere communication. 

Is it important to do SEO on Etsy?

Etsy SEO is a very important topic. In this way, customers find you in searches and make purchases. 


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