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What are Rich Pins on Pinterest? Pinterest
one year ago | gizem

What are Rich Pins on Pinterest?

Rich Pins are a type of Pin on Pinterest that provides additional information about a product, recipe, article, or app directly on the Pin. Unlike regular Pins, Rich Pins include extra metadata that makes them more informative and engaging.

There are six types of Rich Pins:

  1. Product Pins: Product Pins display real-time pricing, availability, and purchasing information on the Pin.
  2. Recipe Pins: Recipe Pins display ingredients, cooking times, and serving information on the Pin.
  3. Article Pins: Article Pins display the headline, author, and story description on the Pin.
  4. App Pins: App Pins display an install button on the Pin, allowing users to download the app directly from Pinterest.
  5. Movie Pins: Movie Pins display ratings, reviews, and cast information on the Pin.
  6. Place Pins: Place Pins display a map, address, and phone number on the Pin, making it easy for users to find and save locations.