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Presentation Tips Presentation Tips
10 months ago | gizem

How to outline your content?

It is important to decide what the title will be. A beautiful and working title is more important than the subject and the narration of the subject. 

Once you've got the working title, make a list of the main takeaways to begin giving it some structure. While you outline, it's important to keep your audience in mind.

Ask yourself questions about your audience; 

  • What do your audience members already know?
  • What new information can you teach them?
  • What are they expecting from your presentation?
  • What's going to be interesting to them?
  • What will keep them focused and engaged?
Presentation Tips Presentation Tips
10 months ago | gizem

Is it important to formulate a content as a narrative?

It may not work for more formal presentations like performance reports.

But for more comfortable and flexible presentations, presenting your content as a narrative can be much more compelling. Stories appeal to people's emotional side in ways that information, facts and figures can't. They help you relate to your audience.

Presentation Tips Presentation Tips
10 months ago | gizem

How important is to collect data and examples?

It's very important to boost your content's credibility. While big statements help you set the stage, supporting those statements with evidence will make your argument more interesting and credible.

Be sure that your data comes from a reputable source and that you're presenting it in a way that's easy to understand.

Presentation Tips Presentation Tips
10 months ago | gizem

Is it important to pick a color scheme for presentations?

Yes, it is very important. Whether you decide to use two, three or four different colors in your presentation is up to you. But certain color combinations go together better than others.

Pick colors that support the tone of your content, solve for legibility and don't distract your audience.

Presentation Tips Presentation Tips
10 months ago | gizem

How long should the slide pages contain information?

Your slides are there to support the speaking components of your presentation, not to replace it. If your slide contain too much information, like full sentences or paragraphs, then your audience members won't be able to help but read the slides instead of listening to you. Also it can be boring.

Instead, use slides to enchance keywords and show visuals while you stand up there and do the real work, telling a stroy and describing your data.

When it comes to your slide text, focus on the main phrases of a bullet point and cover details verbally.

Presentation Tips Presentation Tips
10 months ago | gizem

What is a good way to end a presentation?

A presentation should be ended with a strong, take-home message. A good ending is just as important as a good start. 

Leave your audience with something they'll remember; something that'll make them think and maybe even mobilize.

Presentation Tips Presentation Tips
8 months ago | gizem

What are the skills required to make a presentation?

Being strong in communication and having high persuasion skills are important in presentation. It's also important to be an impressive person.

Having studied the subject you are going to present well will make you feel more comfortable in the presentation.

Being a good storyteller also helps you impress people when presenting.

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