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WHAT DOES Licenses
2 years ago | prodbylila


This part of the lease simply clarifies that you can't register your song with YouTube Content ID or any other content identification systems like it. Those systems "scan" their sites to see if anybody is using exclusive content without permission. Since all our licenses are non-exclusive, we don't allow people to register with those systems. Otherwise, if one of our customers were to register their derivative songs with those content ID systems, the content identification system might improperly flag all other users of that Beat as infringing users. Of course, we don't want that! That's why all our licenses are non-exclusive, and we decided to include that Content ID clause in there - just to make sure nobody registers it by accident. So basically, it's in our contracts to protect you as the artist :)

So, when uploading your song to Spotify etc. at your distributor / label simply don't register it with any Content ID system and you should be all good!